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There is a dirty history behind modern digital voting systems


per year

The voting technology industrysupposedly profits a meager $300 Million dollars a year, but the states pay an inordinate amount to keep the machines versions up to date. One state alone just spent $95 Million dollars to upgrade their machines to the newest model. So if the average cost to a state is say $100 Million to keep the machines up to date, then there is a $5 BILLION dollar outlay every few years all states combined. This is not even counting other countries worldwide. The election business is a big business. 


vote electronic

90% of American voters will use machines in one way or another to tabulate their votes. Hand counting hand written votes are only availabe in a handful of counties nationwide. 2 states require mail in ballots only, but with the obvious malfeasance of the 2020 election via mail in ballots this is even highly suspect.

It has been known and verified time and again since at least 2000 that the kiosks and the tabulators are vulnerable to manipulation by outside sources. The lying manufacturers state the systems are not connected to the Internet, yet the HAVA Act and CISA REQUIRE it.

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